Sacred Spaces: Church of the Sign (Dubrovitsy)

Photo by MOCKBA08. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Located thirty minutes from Moscow is the small suburban town of Dubrovitsy and the Church of the Sign of the Mother of God. The Church sits on the small estate of once owned by Boyar Morozov whose daughter married Prince Golitsyn in the 1600s. The estate consists of a “palace, several outbuildings, the church and the park.”

In 1690, Prince Golitsyn commissioned a church to be built in the Baroque tradition on the estate.  It was to be erected as a testament to Tsar Peter the Great, with a gold crown topping the central tower (rather than the traditional domes typically found on Orthodox churches).  In 1698, the beautiful church was completed.  Unfortunately, the names of the architects have been lost to history, though they are believed to be Italian, so there is no one to attribute the exquisite work to.  According to some rumors, however, Prince Golitsyn hired the architects under the condition that their names never be revealed. 

Even more unfortunate was the fact that Peter the Great never blessed the church built in his honor, though he attended the consecration.  In his opinion, the Church of the Sign looked “too Catholic” with its ornate European Baroque influences.  Many prominent Russian Orthodox figures agreed with his sentiments; the church was decorated heavily with images and figures of saints and angels and abandoned the “[…] traditional features of Orthodox architecture such as the bright, multifaceted cupolas, and [used] Latin, not Cyrillic script, in its inscriptions.”

Throughout its history, the Church of the Sign of the Mother of God has been opened and closed several times.  It was also badly damaged, but thankfully restored in the 1960s. 

Tour the Church of the Sign

The video below offers a terrific view of the Church of the Sign and its surrounding area. (Click here to view directly on YouTube).

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