Trade in Your Precious Metals

Trade in your Precious metals toward an exquisite design from Gallery Byzantium or needed cash. Sell your old gold fast, securely, and with confidence with a vendor you already trust.

Gallery Byzantium buys Gold jewelry, coins, scrap Gold, and dental Gold.

Gallery Byzantium pays out top dollar based on the daily market value. Allow us to help you purchase that special piece you have been eyeing or pay out cash to fund your savings.

Please see our FAQ list below to answer any questions on what we take, how we process, how we payout and any other questions regarding selling your gold jewelry and scrap.

Please Call Us TOLL FREE at 1-800-798-6173 or (978-356-0259) Monday thru Friday 9am to 5:30pm EST with any questions or to schedule your gold scrap shipment. You can also email us with any questions you may have.

We also offer Precious Metal Fundraisers to raise revenue for your Church or Charity. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of metals can I send in?
Gold, Platinum and coins and carat Gold watches. (We do not accept sterling silver, base metal, electroplating solutions, electronic scrap, photographic processing materials, or non-carat watches.)

2. Do I have to seperate the metals?
Please separate gold from platinum and package in sealable plastic bags.

3. Do you accept dental scrap?

4. How do you apply my payout?
We issue you a credit to Gallery Byzantium with a 10% discount off a new piece of jewelry exclusive of sale items, Imperial Collection and non Gallery Byzantium jewelry items to be used towards the purchase of one of our many unique and beautiful jewelry designs or we send a check.

5. What is the percentage for my metal and/or credit to account?
We pay out  a high percentage of the value based on the market price on the day we process your lot. We will offer you new jewelry at a 10% discount exclusive of sale items. It is not the calculated the day you ship or the day we receive your metals but when we process your lot.

6. How long will it take to process my scrap?
Normal turn-around time is 20 days after we receive your scrap.

7. How should I package my scrap?
Please package each metal type in a sealable plastic bag so none of the scrap can fall out. Do not use tape or adhesive on the bag to seal it, as this may capture some of your scrap and cause it to be overlooked. When placing your scrap in a shipping box, make sure all the ends of the box are taped so that if some scrap does happen to spill out of the bags, it will not fall out of the box. Please use bubble wrap or newspaper in the box so that the scrap does not shuffle around during transit. We recommend that you ship your scrap always having a tracking number and insured.

8. What address do I send it to?
Send your shipment to:
Attn: Gallery Byzantium Inc
16 Mt Pleasant Ave
Ipswich MA 01938

9. Why doesn’t the shipping weight match what you calculated during processing?
We weigh our metal in troy ounces. Standard postal scales weigh in avoirdupois ounces. We calibrate our scales monthly.

10. If my Gold scrap value is greater than the jewelry piece I decide to purchase what happens to the difference?
We issue a check for the difference.

11. There are stones in my scrap what should I do?
If your jewelry contains stones you wish to retain please remove them prior to sending them in. All stones will be discarded. Diamonds that are larger than a ¼ carat we will consider purchasing. Please call for more information.

12. Do you accept Vermeil?