Anglican Crosses

It was the 1867 construction of a new drainage system on St. Georges Street (Canterbury, England) that led to the discovery of the Canterbury Cross.  During excavations, workers found a small, bronze brooch dating back to the 9th century.  It is astonishing to think that this seemingly small discovery would consequently become one of the most important symbols of the Anglican Church.

A second brooch featuring the cross was found under Eastbridge Hospital (located on High Street – less than 1/4 mile from St. Georges Street), leading researchers to believe that the design was unique to Canterbury.  Thus, it is thought that the design later served  an emblem on badges purchased and worn by pilgrims from around 1200 to 1400.” 

Unfortunately, there is not much known about the Canterbury Cross or its origin.   The original bronze cross is, however, part of the Canterbury Heritage Museum’s collections.

Gallery Byzantium’s Canterbury Cross is an exquisite design replica of the original cross.  It highlights the Byzantine influences of the design while keeping faithful to original bronze piece.

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