Theodora Coin Earring Set (Sterling Silver)




Solid Sterling Silver Earring Set

Dimensions: 9/16″ wide by 3/4″ high including Finding

Flavia Maximiana Theodora (c. 273 to c. 305 AD), also known as Theodora, was a Roman Empress, 2nd wife of Constantius Chlorus (father of Constantine the Great) after he divorced his first wife, Helena. This 2nd marriage was orchestrated to strengthen Constantius I’s dynastic relationships. Together they had six children. Theodora was honored posthumously, after 337 AD, on coinage minted by Constantine I’s sons. On the reverse is depicted the ancient Roman goddess Pietas, goddess of family.  This goddess was often depicted on the reverse of Roman Imperial coins with women of the imperial family on the obverse, as an appropriate virtue to be attributed to them.


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