Holy Resurrection Cross (Silver)




Solid Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 1 1/8″ wide by 1 7/16″ high

Gallery Byzantium’s Holy Resurrection cross is a beautiful Neo-Byzantine cross. The images are from the Byzantine and Slavic period, but the framing is distinctively of the late 19th century. This cross features a beautiful image of Christ crucified on the front with St. Mary Magdalene and the Mother of God mourning the crucifixion of Christ. The old Slavonic letters on the left and right of Christ’s halo mean “Jesus Christ Son of God”. “king of Glory” is the Slavonic abbreviation at the top of the cross. IC XC (Jesus Christ) is on the left and right sides of the cross. At the base of the cross is the skull of Adam with the letters MLRB for “the place of the skull has become Paradise” and then the letters NIKA (He conquers). On the reverse is the old Slavonic verse (psalm 68), “Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered…”


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