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In the Spotlight: The Jerusalem (Crusaders) Cross

Jerusalem crossA cross design compromised of five smaller crosses, the Jerusalem Cross (also known as the “Crusaders Cross”) was first used in 1099 as a coat of arms by Crusades leader Godfrey de Bouillon for the newly established Kingdom of Jerusalem. This event marked the recapture of Jerusalem and the Christian Holy Land by the First Crusade. “De Bouillon believed that the cross symbolized Jesus Christ and the city of Jerusalem [as] the root of Christianity.”

The Jerusalem Cross is also called the “Crusader’s Cross’ as it was displayed “on the papal banner given to the crusaders by Pope Urban II in the Middle Ages”“The Jerusalem Cross is sometimes confused with the Teutonic Cross, assigned by Pope Innocent III to the Teutonic Knights near the end of the 12th century. It can also be confused with St. Julian’s Cross.”

While the cross, as a whole, “…represents Christ’s command to spread the Gospel around the world,”  its design is open to interpretation.  Three of the most prominent interpretations say that the five crosses:

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