The Victory Cross (Silver) (Large)




Solid Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 1″ wide by 1 7/16″ high including bail

It is said that just before The Battle of the Milvian Bridge on October 27th in 312, Emperor Constantine I had a vision where a cross of light with the Greek words, which generally are translated into Latin, “In hoc signo vinces” (In this sign conquer) appeared to him. It is also said that in Constantine’s dream Christ came to him and told him to use the sign of the cross to conquer his enemies. With these revelations Constantine had the Christian symbol, the Cross, marked on the shields of his soldiers and with the defeat of his enemies he attributed this victory to the God of the Christians. After this battle Constantine became a practicing and believing Christian. Christians who had been savagely persecuted were now given equal opportunities in positions of power as were their pagan citizens. Constantine went on to evangelize his citizens but without force and built beautiful churches including the Hagia Sophia. In 313 AD Constantine created the Edict of Milan which states “no one whatsoever should be denied the opportunity to give his heart to the observance of the Christian religion”.




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