St. Brigid Cross (Silver)




Solid Sterling Silver.

Dimensions: 7/8″ wide by 1 1/16″ high

St. Brigid is believed to have been born in Co. Kildare, c. 457.She travelled throughout Ireland, carrying on St. Patrick’s work of conversion, but it is unclear if they ever met. Many miracles of healing are attributed to Brigid but her best known story is of her visit to a dying pagan chieftain. While St Brigid prayed, she plaited rushes into a cross. The chieftain heard her account of the cross as a Christian symbol, and converted and baptised before his death. It is still customary on February 1st to plait Saint Brigid crosses, in the hope that they will protect the household.

Handcrafted in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

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