Old Believer Cross (Silver)



Solid Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 7/8″ wide by 1 5/8″ high

This cross is a 17th or 18th century style Old Believer cross engraved with the Russian St. Andrew Cross. The decorative motif on the perimeter represents the wings of the seraphim. “King of Glory” is the Slavonic abbreviation at the top of the cross. IC XC (Jesus Christ) is on the upper cross bar and “Sn Bzhii” (Son of God) on the lower cross bar, NI KA (conquers) appears on the lower upright, and the skull of Adam at the base. To the left of the upright is a spear, and to the right is a staff with a sponge. Tradition teaches that when the Apostle Andrew preached in southern Russia he placed a life-size three-bar cross at his side. While explaining the Last Judgment he tilted the foot plate to signify that those on the right side of Christ will go up into heaven and those on the left will go down to hell.


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