Kursk Icon of the Mother of God Medallion (Silver, Round)




Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 3/4″ wide x 1 1/8″ high

The Kursk Root Icon of Our Lady of the Sign was discovered by a hunter at the foot of a tree on the riverbanks of the Skal River just outside the city of Kursk in the year 1295. No sooner had the hunter picked up the icon than there immediately gushed forth an abundant spring of fresh water. Throughout the years to come the icon traveled to many cities and brought forth many more miracles. As a result many monasteries and cathedrals have been built in dedication to the Kursk Root Icon of Our Lady of the Sign. The holy icon has brought consolation to hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced trials and tribulations of different wars and battles through out all the Russian land and beyond. The Kursk Root Icon now finds its permanent home in the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia’s Synod cathedral in New York City.

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