Celestial Fire Pendant™ (Celestial Jewelry) (Enamel Pendant) (Diamond Necklace) (18kt Yellow Gold)




Celestial Jewelry

Solid 18kt Gold Enamel necklace pendant set with just under half carat of GH color SI clarity diamonds

Includes 18″ 18kt Gold Chain

Dimensions: 7/8″ wide by 1 1/8″ high including Bail

The inspiration for the Celestial jewelry enamel necklace comes from the ceiling of the Scrovegni Chapel, Padua Italy painted by Giotto and completed in 1305. It was dedicated to Santa Maria della Carità at the Feast of the Annunciation in 1303 and consecrated in 1305. The frescoes, which cover the entirety of the chapel’s walls, narrate life events in both the Virgin Mary and Christ. The frescoes of the Scrovegni Chapel are considered to be one of the most important pieces of art in 14th century Italy and Western Europe.

The ceiling, also known as The Vault, with its magnificent deep blue hue and eight pointed stars (which shine like diamonds) represent the Eighth, and everlasting Day which stands outside and beyond the temporal world and belongs to the eternal kingdom of God. The dark blue is the beautiful color attributed to the Mother of God who unites in her self, both the terrestrial and celestial. To the ancients the stars of the celestial firmament were the Heavenly fire. The backgrounds of frescoes in many Byzantine churches dedicated to the Mother of God utilize this symbolism. It is with this artistry in the ancient churches that one can gaze up to the celestial kingdom and sense the glory of God.

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