Coin Jewelry

At Gallery Byzantium, we are celebrating ancient coins with our Coin Jewelry Collection.  Beyond their value in currency these ancient coins were also seen as a form of art. Widespread and engraved with images of gods, emperors, or animals and, oftentimes, made to commemorate important events, coins were valued from an aesthetic viewpoint.  In modern times, the replication of these coins has become something of an art form.  Our Ancient Coin Jewelry Collection celebrates the detail and artwork of these ancient Roman and ancient Greek coins.  Each piece is cast from an ancient coin and is true to the coin’s detail and origin.  We invite you to explore this collection and discover the history behind each piece. No longer legal tender, ancient currency is sought out for its aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship. Ancient currency has become modern couture.

To read further about the history of our ancient coin jewelry collection please explore our blog posts here.

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