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In the Spotlight: The Floral Cross

floral cross, byzantine cross, ancient designWith a stunningly intricate filigree design weaving into a floral motif, the details of our Floral Cross more than make up for its diminutive size.  At a scant 1″ (2.54 cm) tall, this small cross is nothing less than impressive.

However, not a lot is known about its original design.  The design for the Floral Cross was taken from an 11th century Byzantine reliquary (pictured right).  The beaded design at the corners of each arm and the opulence of the cross’s inner details certainly reflect the grandiose (yet inherently delicate) Byzantine design aesthetic.

We invite you to give the gift of timeless beauty this holiday season with our Floral Cross.  From the little girl eager to wear a “big girl” cross to the classically elegant woman, this brilliantly handcrafted piece is sure to delight the special woman in your life.

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