In the Spotlight: The Angel Cross

angel crossGallery Byzantium’s Angel Cross is a design replica of a 7th century cross originally carved in stone from Georgia in Eastern Europe. The fundamental structure of this cross is Byzantine, however, the decorative motif is Georgian.

Perhaps the best-known of Christian symbols, the angel is a common figure in art, literature, and other works.  The word “angel” is derived from the Greek word “angelos,” meaning “messenger.” This translation essentially sums up the angel’s symbolic meaning: angels symbolize messengers or the relaying of information between man and God.

This cross was initially carved to exalt the importance of precious and life giving cross in the Orthodox Christian Faith. The disc at the center has a decorative cross design and the four angels are presenting tangel cross necklacehis cross as a light to enlighten the whole world. The scroll work on this design can symbolize “messages, oracles, divine communication, sacred knowledge.”  The designs on the center cross basically represent the divine message that the angels are presenting to the world.

Angels are the spiritual messengers that interact with humans on God’s behalf.  As messengers, they bring important news and communications to Earth and act as a liaison between the higher and lower realms.

Angels also “watch over and protect us from harm (Ref. Matthew 18:10)”

However, unlike their cherub-esque depictions, angels themselves are noncoporeal, bodiless spirits.  Their depiction as physical beings is simply a way to make an ethereal symbol tangible.

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